Sexy-Strong BOOTIE BLAST! Tighten Your Own Head Turning Backside!

185823_180836928626452_599458_nHey, girls!
Nothing will make the boys remember you (even if they forget your name! lol) like a fit, tight derriere! Be sure they remember YOU when you walk past them…Tone and shape your own eye-catching bootie with a butt-blasting workout you won’t soon forget! Here’s a fun program to help you get fit and lean!

Circuit #1

1. Leg Press (close stance, heels together, toes pointed outward) – 15 reps
2. Dumbbell hamstring deadlifts wide stance – 15 reps
3. Plie deadlift w/ dumbbell – 15 reps
4. Stationary forward lunges, dumbbells, one leg first, then the other – 25 reps per leg
5. Walking lunges – 20 steps each leg with bodyweight only, squeezing butt
non-stop x 3 full cycles

Circuit #2
Using high-step:

1. Step-up with back lunge (and knee lift) 10 lb dumbbells in each hand – 10, 12, 15, 15 reps per leg
superset with:
Using low-step:

2. “Meriza lunges” with a knee up, 10lb dumbbells in each hand – 10, 12, 15, 15 reps per leg

Perform 4 superset of this cycle, non-stop, with reps increasing with each superset as indicated.
Choose weights carefully, to provide a challenging, but safe workout experience. Remember, you gotta build muscle back there to build shape! Don’t be afraid to push hard!

Nutrition for a Fit and Lean Backside:
As you can imagine, I get all kinds of questions about nutrition, on a daily basis. I think one of the most common mistakes that athletes make, especially females, is to under-estimate their protein needs. It’s my experience that too many ladies do not get enough protein to sustain lean tissue, especially when dieting to lose fat. Protein is the tissue-building nutrient and is critical to help maintain muscle and therefore, metabolism, strength, and shape. Be sure to consume enough protein. I suggest starting at 20-25 grams per meal, as a minimum!
I often get asked, “Should I use BCAA’s?”. Many female athletes are unsure about their supplement needs. My response is,
“Absolutely!” BCAA’s help me keep a tighter, leaner look, especially when I am pushing hard with diet and cardio. BCAA’s help protect lean muscle and also help your body make more energy, especially when carbs are low, such as during competition dieting. BCAA’s can also help burn fat, so I always incorporate them into my meal plan, several times each day.
I use my BCAA’s before any exercise activity (cardio or weight training) to fuel a hard workout and help keep muscles primed, protected and strong. The last thing any of us ladies want is soft, flabby, over-dieted bodies, right? I refer to that look as “skinny-fat”…so be sure to get enough protein, and take your BCAA’s! When I’m contest-dieting, I’ll also use an additional dose after each training session, to ensure muscle protein is protected.

That’s one of the ideas behind Sexy-Strong® FUEL. The pretty green and black bottle contains a FULL DOSE OF BCAA’S (7.5 grams per serving) in every fat-burning, fatigue-fighting dose! So stock up on Sexy-Strong® FUEL, and FUEL YOUR FIT AND LEAN!

Sexy-Strong® is also loaded with efficacious doses of L-Carnitine, glutamine, and Carnosyn® Beta Alanine – to “fuel” muscles, stave off fatigue, and focus the body on fat utilization! Try this powerful supplement for yourself, and Blast Your Bootie sexy!

The New Sexy-Strong Stack, to fuel high-performance, and support maximum fat loss, especially for women:
1. Sexy-Strong® FUEL
2. Sexy-Strong® BURN
3. Sexy-Strong® POWER Premium WPI


Meriza Deguzman-Ciccone is an IFBB Figure Professional, and a 2-time Olympian competitor. She is also a Sexy-Strong sponsored athlete. Meriza runs a very busy personal training and contest-prep business in Southern California. Her Posing and Presentation Clinics, The Art of Figure Clinics, sponsored by Sexy-Strong, focus on helping competitive Bikini and Figure competitors prepare for the competition stage.
For more information about Meriza’s Art of Figure clinics, follow her on facebook or IG: @ifbbpro_meriza.

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