High Volume, Full-range Squats


Some people say that squatting thickens the waist.

IFBB Pro Meriza Deguzman-Ciccone might not necessarily agree.

“If done properly, squatting is one of the greatest exercises for not only the lower half, but the entire body. When you squat, you engage everything, including core, if you do it right. Hips, quads, hamstrings, glutes, inner thighs, core, you hit it all with the squat!”

“It can be a great exercise for women, especially if your trying to build glutes, like me.” “I incorporate high volume, full-range squats into most of my training programs that target shaping and building a balanced, shapely lower body.”

Ladies, don’t be afraid to get under the bar, and go deep! Correct form, full range of motion, proper breathing and posture will help you build the booty and a great lower half!


Meriza Deguzman-Ciccone is an IFBB Figure Professional, and a 2-time Olympian competitor. She is also a Sexy-Strong sponsored athlete. Meriza runs a very busy personal training and contest-prep business in Southern California. Her Posing and Presentation Clinics, The Art of Figure Clinics, sponsored by Sexy-Strong, focus on helping competitive Bikini and Figure competitors prepare for the competition stage.
For more information about Meriza’s Art of Figure clinics, follow her on facebook or IG: @ifbbpro_meriza.




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