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Archive for February, 2011

February 24, 2011 - Posted by meriza

We’ve got a saying in my gym that makes me laugh every time I hear someone say it – “It ain’t easy to be pretty!” Or, as one of my dear clients told me just last week, “No, Meriza – ‘it’s painful to be pretty!’ “…I’m so proud of all of my hard-working clients, the ladies around me that are making amazing progress with every passing week! Just come down for a visit to World Gym, San Diego, any day of the week, and you’ll see any of my dear and precious girls, sweat-covered and heavy-breathing…but smiling!

They smile because they know that they are working hard, pushing themselves to be better. It’s not easy, but they get it done! Their bodies are changing because they follow the plan…and, hard as it might be, they keep on pushing – of course, all of us need a little kick in the pants once in a while, but that’s my job as coach and trainer, so that’s what I’m there for!

I guess that’s the beautiful thing about the career path that I’ve been blessed with – watching the body change when the right stimulus is put onto it. It inspires and motivates me to see my girls working so hard, each day…when I see any one of my ladies, dripping with sweat and dying, but not giving up, it helps me keep on gettting up early, to give my all to my own training sessions, and to pour my heart into their training as well. I love what I do…sometimes, I get tired, but I never get tired of helping people take control of their bodies, and a portion of their lives!

Here’s another circuit, designed for my girl, Gloria, to prioritize her lower half as we get her ready to get up on that competition stage again soon…she’s making some amazing changes and is looking terrific!


Circuit 1
Machine AFS leg press (feet in high, shoulder-width stance position, toes turned slightly outward):
1. 135lbs x 25 reps
2. 180lbs x 20 reps
3. 225lbs x 15 reps
4. 270lbs x 10 reps
superset with:
Lying hamstring curls w/ butt lift (at the top of the movement, squeeze glutes, and lift thighs off pad):
1. thru 4. 20lbs x 15 reps (hold top!)

Circuit 2
Machine AFS leg press (feet in high, close-stance position, alternated with high, wide-stance position, every other set):
1. thru 4. 270lbs x 10 reps
superset with:
Barbell stiff deadlifts:
1. 65lbs x 15 reps
2. 75lbs x 15 reps
3. 85lbs x 15 reps
4. 90lbs x 15 reps

Circuit 3

Walking lunges w/ 25lb dumbbells:
1. thru 4. 25lbs x 15 steps each leg

Plan for the Week:
Monday: cardio, 200 calories (stairmill), LEG PROGRAM as above
Tuesday: cardio, 200 calories (incline power tread walk); delts and back circuit
Wednesday: rest
Thursday: cardio, 200 calories (elliptical), CORE, light arms and chest, calves
Friday: cardio 200 calories (stairmill), leg training w/ Meriza
Saturday: rest
Sunday: cardio, 200 calories (incline power tread walk), shoulders and back w/ Meriza

Gloria’s MAN Sports supplement stack:
Scorch: 3 capsules, 2 times / day
Vaporize: 1 capsule, 3 times / day
Figure Fuel: 1 scoop, pre-training, 1 scoop pre-cardio (mix w/ 1 scoop Body Octane if feeling extra fatigue)
Swagger: use as needed, on the days she’s feeling tired, or needs a boost to get through her hectic day, 1-2 capsules only.

Gloria is a busy mom, a student and wife, and also a successful Figure competitor. She works hard, and overcomes the challenges of a busy lifestyle and gives her 100% every rep, every set of every workout…as do all my girls! I’m so proud of each of them! You’ll be seeing Gloria on stage again soon – be on the lookout!